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The 2-week eating experiment – Step #2 of 4: What and how to eat during the experiment and how to avoid possible adverse effects


In step 1 on this series I outlined how to evaluate how you’re currently doing. If you haven’t already read this post I advise you to do so before reading this one.

In this step of the 2-week eating experiment series we will address the following three exciting topics:

  1. What to eat & drink during the experiment
  2. How much to eat and what good eating habits are
  3. Possible adverse effects from changing how you eat and how to avoid these

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Why carbs make many of us fat and sick

In previous two posts I have written about why we don’t know what to eat and that fat isn’t dangerous as long as we avoid certain types of it. When you’ve read this post you’ll know the facts about carbohydrates. Knowing all this you’re armed with the knowledge that will inspire you to undertake the exciting 2-week eating experiment. How to ensure that this 2-week experiment is a great success is the focus of next week’s post. Something to look forward to!

First however, we need to focus on 1) what carbs and macronutrients are, 2) why carbs make many of us fat and sick, and 3) what foods contain carbs.

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