What I eat: A healthy, delicious and easy-to-make breakfast


Do you ever think “I don’t have the time nor energy to read and understand all the details about diet. Can’t somebody just tell me what to eat?”

I hear this message all the time.

It’s time for me to tell you about the healthy and delicious stuff I eat for breakfast.

Eat like me: A delicious and healthy breakfast that takes 10 minutes to prepare

This post is the first in the series about what I eat. Before we get to the breakfast part though let’s quickly set the context.

If you’ve been following RethinkingTruth.com for a while you’ll know that I believe health is one of the four most important things in life. You’ll also know that there are six key factors that influence how healthy we are, diet being the most important according to many.

In other words, what we eat for breakfast is, no matter how ridiculous it may sound, a matter of life and death.

spinach feta

Spinach & feta….yummy!

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to make big diet changes but would like to become healthier I recommend doing the following:

Start by making a new breakfast routine. My routine consists of eating the following, delightful breakfast pretty much every morning:

  • 3 big slices of bacon (I buy the cheap First Price bacon they have at Kiwi in Norway)
  • 3 organic fried eggs
  • 100 gram of spinach with some feta cheese

Delicious right? Mmmmm!


Check out that bacon!

But how do I make this in 10 minutes? And make it taste legendary?

I’m going to make this extremely easy for you. I do exactly the following:

  • I wake up, walk to the kitchen and turn on the oven. 200 degrees Celsius. Sharp.
  • I put the bacon in the oven on a baking sheet (bakepapir in Norwegian)
  • I put the eggs, butter and spinach on our kitchen table
  • I get dressed, yawn a few times, fix my hair and make sure my work-bag is ready to go (this has nothing to do with making the food but I need about 7 minutes before I start doing the eggs as I want them to finish at the same time as the bacon)
  • I turn on the cooker, medium heat and throw lots of butter into the frying pan
  • I put 100 gram of spinach in the frying pan. I spend about 2 minutes frying the stuff so that it shrinks about ten times in size and is easy and quick to eat. At the end I add some feta cheese
  • I put the spinach with feta cheese on my plate and add lots of more butter to the frying pan
  • I put three eggs in, fry them for about 2 minutes on one side before I flip them over and turn off the pan
  • 30 seconds later I put my eggs and bacon (which has now done about 10 minutes in the oven in total) on my plate.
  • Then I smile and EAT. Yummy!

IMG_2440That’s how good the breakfast is! The girl on my right is Isabelle, Dr. Jay Wortmans legendary low-carb daughter

How easy is that? Very.

How healthy is it? Probably the most health breakfast you’ve had. Full of healthy fats, protein, vitamins & minerals. Very low on sugar, additives and other toxins.

How quick is it? 10 minutes. The great thing is that if you’re a family man you can easily make this breakfast for 2-5 people spending only a few extra minutes.

What I want you to do

Start tomorrow by making sure you have the required foods.

Then make this breakfast for yourself and your family the next morning.

You’ll love it.


2 thoughts on “What I eat: A healthy, delicious and easy-to-make breakfast

  1. Karel Mašek

    calling fried eggs with bacon a healthy breakfast? you’ve gotta be kidding:) a healthy breakfast IMHO looks more like fruits, fruit&vegetable juices, oatmeal + nuts + berries..


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