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Executive summary of the 2-week eating experiment

bjarte-7871With this post I aim to provide the key points about the 2-week eating experiment here without going into any detail at all. I recommend reading this post regardless of whether or not you’ve already read the whole series. Additionally, I recommend using this post as a tool to help you throughout the experiment. You can also print this summary and show it to people in your life who are wondering what you’re up to but who might now have the dedication and interest needed to read the whole experiment series.

Do however note that this post is not meant to replace the series. Only by reading the whole 4-step series will you gain the knowledge necessary to successfully complete the experiment and set yourself in the driving seat of your health.

With that in mind, let’s check out the executive summary!

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The 2-week eating experiment – Step #4 of 4: It’s done and I love it. What’s next? Optimize of course!

When you’ve carried out the 2-week experiment you will have experienced and felt some of the effects excellent eating provides. At this point you’re likely motivated to continue your journey towards healthy eating. This section will provide four recommendations for how you can continue to improve how you feel, look and perform through how you eat:


  1. Try different foods and pay close attention to how you feel
  2. Start eating super-foods to boost your health, and how you feel, look, and perform even more
  3. Use the 80/20 rule to healthy eating
  4. Supplement with vitamin D3 and omega-3 if you don’t get much sun or eat fatty fish

First, however, you need to re-evaluate how you feel to see how much of an improvement you’ve already made and to subsequently decide on what next steps to take.

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