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Results: A two-week eating experiment that significantly improves quality of life, leads to weight-loss, and is sustainable long-term









In the previous posts I’ve outlined the two-week eating experiment. In order to motivate you to try out the experiment I thought it would be a good idea to share the experiment stories & results of my dearest family members & friends with you. I have personally monitored the progress of every individual written about in this post throughout their two-week experiments and beyond and it’s been an exciting journey. For some of them the experiment was a walk in the park. For others it was hard. Some have had incredible results, others didn’t complete the experiment. Want to read about the people closest to me in my life and what they experienced when changing their diet?

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Executive summary of the 2-week eating experiment

bjarte-7871With this post I aim to provide the key points about the 2-week eating experiment here without going into any detail at all. I recommend reading this post regardless of whether or not you’ve already read the whole series. Additionally, I recommend using this post as a tool to help you throughout the experiment. You can also print this summary and show it to people in your life who are wondering what you’re up to but who might now have the dedication and interest needed to read the whole experiment series.

Do however note that this post is not meant to replace the series. Only by reading the whole 4-step series will you gain the knowledge necessary to successfully complete the experiment and set yourself in the driving seat of your health.

With that in mind, let’s check out the executive summary!

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Introduction to the 2-week eating experiment: Why you should do it and its process

The 2-week eating experiment series include the most important information you’ll ever need to know about how to eat healthy, excellent, and delicious food that will enable you to pursue your dream of feeling, looking, and performing better than ever before. Through other posts we have already addressed why we don’t know what to eat and why it’s so hard for us to change. This series will address these issues head on. By the time you’ve read these four posts you will know:

  • Which foods to eat and which to avoid
  • What good eating habits are
  • The many positive effects of eating differently and how to avoid initial hurdles
  • How to trick/motivate yourself into changing how you eat in a way that doesn’t have to been difficult or time-consuming (hint: that’s the whole point of the 2-week eating experiment)
  • How to evaluate your progress from eating like a champion
  • How to continue self-experimenting to identify what foods are optimal for you

Fasten your seatbelts; it’s self-experimentation time!

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