The secret of how to make super-tasty low-carb pizza, without grains and gluten!








Do you think pizza has to be unhealthy or that a grain, gluten and carb-free diet means no pizza?

You couldn’t be more wrong. Here’s how to make your new favourite pizza!

A blog post by Kristina:

As you know my beloved fiancé Bjarte is passionate about health. I must admit I was very sceptical when he first introduced his new way of eating. In fact, I used to be one of his biggest critics.

But those days are long gone. I’m now convinced eating the way he writes about on this blog is the way to go – if you want to be healthy and not worry about your weight that is.

So, giving up grains and carbs (most of the time) made me rethink how to make pizza. After some intense research I have fallen in love with this recipe.

Super-tasty pizza: The cauliflower secret


Don’t be scared, this really works! I found this recipe on Pinterest and it has been a big hit.

What you need to make pizza for two people:

  • One cauliflower (“blomkål” in Norwegian)
  • One egg
  • Salt
  • Herbs: basil, oregano or thyme
  • 50 grams of mozzarella (optional)
  • Pizza toppings: tomato sauce, cheese, meat, vegetables and whatever else you want

How to make the pizza in ten simple steps:

  1. Set the oven to 220 degrees celsius.
  2. Cut the cauliflower in pieces and throw it in a food processor. Mix until it is very fine.
  3. Put the cauliflower in a bowl and pop it in the microwave for 8 minutes on “high”.
  4. Put cauliflower, a handful at the time, in a kitchen towel and twist it so you press out all the water. This is very important.
  5. Mix egg, a pinch of salt and whatever herbs you like in a bowl (and the 50 grams of mozzarella if you choose). Then mix with the cauliflower.
  6. Put a baking sheet on the counter and rub it with olive oil.
  7. Press the “dough” out on the baking sheet until it is spread thin and put it in the oven – in the middle or higher for about 30 minutes.
  8. Take it out of the oven; let it rest while you prepare the rest. I usually put tomato sauce, cheese, meat, onion, mushrooms and whatever else I think of.
  9. Put it back in the oven until the cheese is melted (about 20 minutes).
  10. Take it out of the oven, serve it and enjoy!

Don’t miss out – have this delicious pizza for dinner next Friday!

Thanks for reading. If you find improvements please share with us :)

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15 thoughts on “The secret of how to make super-tasty low-carb pizza, without grains and gluten!

  1. Ramon

    Wow, thank you, Bjarte! The pizza was delicious and really easy to make. I’ve been looking everywhere to find a good low-carb pizza, finally I have the perfect recipe. They didn’t have any fresh cauliflower in any store here (I really don’t know why) so I had to buy a frozen one. I added two eggs and a lot of cheese, to make sure the pizza was big enough for 3 people. My family loved it as much as I did.
    Keep posting blogs, you do a great job… Greetings from Switzerland, haha I understood “ha en flott dag”, it’s nearly the same in Swiss-German

  2. rsjo

    Reblogged this on Healthy Intentions and commented:
    I made this tonight and I have to say it was absolutely delish! It was a little bit of a mess to make the ‘dough’ but easy to clean up because its not a sticky glue type dough its just a bit of caulie! I topped it with bell pepper, mushrooms, and chopped up some of the burger patties we have frozen for the bunless burgers – oh and tomato paste and some cheese. I topped it with some fresh basil and we devoured it!

    The only thing I would change next time is the fact that I was a bit light handed with the herbs and garlic and I forgot the onion!
    and it won’t be long, I’ve already had request to have this for dinner again this week!!

  3. no dough

    may seem crazy but the easiest way for me to make it low carb and I do it all the time is to scrape off all the toppings and eat them with a fork
    It is a waste of bread but none of the carbs
    try it

  4. Kevin O'Connell

    I was sure it would be C, but often recipes have a N.American origin and F numbers slip through…
    Thanks for the prompt reply. I’m no cook, but intend to try it today.

    1. Bjarte Bakke Post author

      Thanks Aaron!

      We made the pizza on Sunday using two cauliflowers. Loved it.

      If anyone knows how to reduce the labour required to “dry” the cauliflower, let me know.

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